Your project

Planning your project!

Initial Planning
Budget, Funding, Finance etc
Starting the work
Don’t spend/do it all in one go
Ongoing efforts and learning arcs

Initial Planning and setup:


Budget, Funding, Finance etc:

Oddly enough – for a business the Davius Nursery is not encouraging you to buy, buy, buy – yet to stretch your pennies out and have a long term investment programme – not just spending your tight budget, yet creating your own products (furniture e.g. seat, table, bird feeder etc.) and propagation (expanding your own wildflower ranges)

Starting the work:

The physical

Use what you find – digging into the ground to create a pond ………

Don’t spend/do it all in one go:

The biggest issue many people have is to spend what they have in one go to get things started !! Please do NOT do this. Try and eek everything out on minimum costs – the real issue is how much hard physical and mental grind you put into your project.

Ongoing efforts and learning arcs:

No matter how many web pages, how many journals, how many books on nature etc. you read – the real learning arc is your own observations and feedback on the development of your planting/nature/biodiversity project.