Plasnewydd Garden – The Greenhouse Project

Plasnewydd Garden (FB link) has been a long standing community garden community project established in the very early 2010’s.

Volunteers are welcome to join in – every Saturday of the month from approximately 10am to 2pm.

The long standing associations with Plasnewydd Garden saw a volunteer opportunity to build a Greenhouse in the background of the overall garden space near to Shakespeare Road, behind the YMCA building.

Design Specification:

The Plasnewydd Garden does have significant space constraints – which has made putting a traditional Greenhouse into the grounds virtually unfeasible. As opposed to width and standard height – the decision was made to make the design HIGH and DEEP.

  • The overall build would be done over several years
  • Build the Greenhouse frame component primarily.
  • Secondary focus would be to build a drying space/shed space behind the Greenhouse for storing wood etc.
  • Design should aim to blend in with overall garden space.

The building process:

The existing site was a non-functional cob oven which was demolished and the bricks were recovered for ground aggregate and the clay soil that held it together was redistributed across various parts of the garden.

The wood (which would stand in a for a metal frame), as was the plastic (which would stand in for glass) were sourced from 90% recovered sources (as with most of the Built Biodiversity Projects.)