Biodiversity Cathays

Biodiversity Cathays – a community effort!

Biodiversity Cathays began in 2002 with the first wave of wildflowers being added to various locations to create a stronger biological habitat for our bees, butterflies, and other beneficial insects and other species in the area.

Massive thanks to;

  • 1st Cathays Scouts
  • Cathays Compass
  • Cathays Community Centre – (Building planting beds with Red Rose School volunteers)
  • Cathays Library (Council)
  • Cardiff Council Parks Division
  • Cardiff Council Highways Division
  • Cardiff Council Waste Management Division
  • Co-Op Food Crwys
  • Family Beekeepers in the Cathays district
  • Friends of Bute Park
  • Friends of Cathays Cemetery
  • Grow Wild / Kew Gardens
  • Nazareth House
  • …… and most importantly the hundreds of local families/residents who donated time, resources and their time (with digging/public engagement/growing wildflowers etc)

The Biodiversity Cathays project has been an ongoing project since the turn of the century. The main goal is to improve the very limited (spatially) green spaces that exist in Cathays. The real beauty of this project is it has evolved on good will, reaching out to everyone to learn their perceptions of local natural environment. This informal data collection over a two decade period has resulted in the creation:

  • Natural soakways to reduce flooding
  • A significant level of family/community engagement resulting in nominated sites for wildflower planting
  • Multiple rain water collection points (which the public can access – so that they can water the nearby wildflower planting projects)
  • Creating of Disabled Planting Bed table from recovered materials
  • Creating of various bespoke planting beds from recovered materials and built on site of our social housing, local business gardens
  • Engagement of our more vulnerable groups in the locale which the outreach efforts have built up the trust with in recent decades.
  • Collaboration to help the infirm with their garden clean up’s, and the clean up of public spaces – like alley way clean ups, near the railways lines
  • Encouraging reporting of dumping to ensure consistency of clean up of the Cathays district
  • Removing the weeds from streets, walls, houses (of the inform or elderly) etc.

This will be an ongoing effort in the 2000’s, 2010’s and 2020’s as we strive to maximize the use of limited green space, ensure all families are informed of the ongoing efforts and actively encouraging local contributions to protect our precious biodiversity in the locale. The potential to add 1000’s of wildflowers, hundreds of shrubs/bushes and dozens of trees to protect our tomorrow is significant – and by working together as a community we can accomplish more in co-operation than isolated one-off little projects.

Updates on the project:

Updates will be posted on social media, the ‘Cathays Monthly Update’ and the hardcopy ‘Your Cathays Newsletter’. The most important avenue is word-of-mouth from the many of you who have actively participated in multiple projects.