The online eBay shop page has been created for the wildflowers that the Davius ‘Nursery’ produces – please note this is pick-up only (delivery of wildflowers is not recommended given their fragility once matured 1-2 years!) and our regular pick ups normally happen on Saturday’s at a time which is convenient for you.

The Davius Nursery has a simple focus: support and expand biodiversity in Urban and Rural settings. Given the majority of populations now live in Urban environments it is vital to create a balance of human settlements and the environment they are built upon.

The health problems, respiratory issues, some poor planning decisions, the drought and flooding problems etc. that are all an increasing problem over the last 30 to 40 years can be countered with a good balance of nature being integrated into our daily lives.

By making our green spaces in Urban areas more biodiversity dense it will:

  • Give nature the appropriate resources.
  • Support declining species of important wildlife i.e. Bees
  • Give local community green spaces for them to enjoy and learn from.
  • Counter the pollution problems we have particularly in built up areas.

The Davius Nursery aims to grow and distribute the following wildflower species to the locale and networks that we function amongst to support greater biodiversity.


List all wildflowers being regularly grown;

Supporting beneficial (and sadly threatened) species such as Bees, ladybirds, dragonfly, butterflies and many other species is a responsibility we have all inherited from previous generations of unknowingly damaging these insect and plant populations. Through good planning and design we can support all these wildlife species coming back to optimal levels as we restore our planet to a fertile sustainable world.


List of present trees Davius Nursery grows:

Davius Nursery is expanding its tree sapling range.

Recipients of Davius Nursery contributions:

Upon being matured – the wildflowers and trees are distributed to many different local (ecologically orientated) projects including:

  • Community Gardens
  • Eco-Schools ( Keep Wales Tidy).
  • Housing Associations / Private landlord garden regenration projects.
  • Student green groups
  • Local Green spaces that are sparce and benefit from having 50 matured plants added to the area (which attracts humans to enjoy the green space too) to increase the biodiversity there.
  • University campuses and college campuses
  • Woodland and Wild space organisations planting new flowering meadows/woodland/protected areas.

Together we all can protect our precious eco-systems and humans are improving their social/environmental/economic performance to work with and enhance local biodiversity.

Donation request:

Please consider supporting our Biodiversity work via Paypal to donate@davius.co.uk

We are constantly running out of resources even with great generosity of the local volunteer’s pockets, skills and resources – all donations (even just a few £’s) will help expand our work of wildflowers and trees to improve our local biodiversity.

All donations made to Davius are purely used for Biodiversity expansion projects in urban and rural settings.

Funds are not directed into Davius’ other operations.

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