‘Every single green space counts – please protect yours!’


The Davius Nursery informally began in 2002 as is a spin out of the Davius Consultancy (est 2001); with a view to support biodiversity in the locale and help improve the nature resource into over-urbanised areas. This came in the form of several emerging strands from working within the community and observing damage done from industry and commerce, yet a willingness amongst communities to wish to see natural environmental improvements.

You can jump straight to the description and purchase of the wildflowers here – or go directly to the eBay shop here. (pick up only)

Transparency and disclaimer:

We do not do deliveries (many of the wildflowers are too delicate for carriage – plus 100’s of unnecessary ‘plant miles’ being done for single plants is not sustainable sense) thus the majority of the orders made online – you should pick up your wildflowers or other products from the Cardiff area (at an agreed day/time). The sales are one part of this website, the majority component is awareness raising of local groups, information sharing to empower your personal project, encouraging community collaboration, sharing good practice on various green space projects and encouraging your input to your street/local to improve upon it.

Many of our customers wish to improve the appearance of their private gardens, public green space or expand the biodiversity of their smallholding, community garden or farm sites. The Davius Nursery can supply some of the wildflowers that you may wish to utilise as part of your wildlife practice.

We discourage massive sales; rather you purchase a few wildflowers (saving your budget) and propagate them yourselves in successive years and expand your project organically and patiently. Just a  few these specific wildflowers from Davius Nursery and you will easily have your own increasing wildflower population in the coming years.

As opposed to be profit driven, maximising sales – Davius Nursery strives to empower the buyer with information. Many of the wildflowers you purchase here, you only require a few of your chosen wildflowers such as Foxgloves or Betony plants which will produce more seedlings which will land near the original wildflower you have put in the ground. 

Many of the wildflowers grown at the Davius Nursery will be used for people driven biodiversity improvements community efforts. We welcome the donations and small grants which are utilised to purchase the resources (focusing on re-use of many resources such as discarded plant pots, tools that can be salvaged etc.) to continue to expand the community empowerment and biodiversity support initiatives.

The sales we make will continue to fund and expand the successive years wildflower resource and community engagement efforts.